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Fero Z-51 Zeiss Night Vision Scope B Grade

Fero Z-51 Zeiss Night Vision Scope B Grade
Fero Z-51 Zeiss Night Vision Scope B Grade
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Fero Z51 Zeiss / Eletro Nigh Vision Scope- Refurbished

Just in & refurbished from a leading expert in the US with the Fero Z51 units.

Used in good working condition. This offering is for the finest of the units we have left. These have been hand sorted and do work and have functional covers and knobs. They will show wear and use as they were pulled from live German Army firearms and may have some features that are not 100%. Each unit is shipped in the original German wooden transit case (rare). These have never been offered in this configuration before until now. There are only a small number of these available.

Grade B - Complete with all rubber, knobs and eye pieces. Rubber connectors for front rubber day lens covers are usually broken but the cover will function. All scopes have been refurbished, inspected and tested by the leading expert of these units.

Refurbishment process: Each scope/unit were disassembled down to two halves and any broken parts replaced. All focus and on/off timing issues were set and tested before reassembling. Intensifier tubes were removed, inspected and tested with the unit that it will be shipped with. The unit will have missing paint or chips in some areas. The plastic covers on the top of the unit for the infared red light housing may be cracked or missing. There may be specks of dirt on the lenses. They will all work and have a good amount of life left in the units.

Will ship in the collectible German Army wooden case. These units will mount to a picitinney rail system with an Arms #7 or #19 mount. Or with the HK G3 claw mount as offered below. Scopes are used military products and sold as is with no guarantee on life of the intensifier tubes. For longevity of the scope and intensifier tube: Remove batteries standard C cell batteries when not in use. Do not use in day or low light conditions without the front lens cover on and only to zero the weapon. No warranty is expressed or implied.


These are sold AS IS no returns and will only be shipped via UPS ground with signature required. Shipping weight for the system is 21 lbs.

The Z51 is a passive Night vision scope (comparable to Gen 2) with various mounts to fit several applications one of which will fit the 90 series of rifles such as the HK 91/G3 or 93/33.

The Orion 80/I made by Zeiss/Eltro & features a high-quality starlight night vision scope made for the German Bundeswehr (German Army). This scope features high-tech XX1211 and XX 1340 image intensifier tubes, flash protection capabilities, reticle adjusters, focus knob, on/off button, shade control knob, reticle brightness knob and a rubber protection cover.

This adapter can be mounted on a Picatinny rail (not included A.R.M.S #7) and if it is removed it can be attached directly to a Stanag mount or to the G3 claw mount minus the adapter plate for a low-profile sighting picture.

Requires two C-cell batteries. Comes with soft OD colored carry case. Scope itself weights 4.5 lbs. Used, in good condition.

Quantities are extremely limited and these are the last call on these units & are offered as is as they are used surplus.

Origin: German
Condition: Surplus
In Stock
Price: $599.95
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"Zeiss Fero Z-51"

Joel Gentzlinger on 7/22/2013 10:28:38 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Great scope. Everything looks and functions perfectly.