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Heavy Recoil Buffer HK 91, G3, & PTR-91 Rifles

Heavy Recoil Buffer HK 91, G3, & PTR-91 Rifles
Heavy Recoil Buffer HK 91, G3, & PTR-91 Rifles
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The HK Heavy Recoil Buffer For HK Style Firearms.

Made 100% in the USA by one of best HK gunsmiths in the business. Each unit is based on the original HK German 2 stage factory heavy buffer, rigorously tested & proven to be the very best & made from the very best in materials. This enhanced heavy buffer offers an improved design as even more buffering enhancements were made in the design and manufacture of this HK G3 heavy buffer. There is NO FINER buffer available than the HK heavy buffer. If you want the best buffer for HK or clone than this is it!


  • HK 91, G3, PTR
  • SAR-3/8, FMP, Vector, SR9, PTR PDW, V51, etc
  • Other HK custom builds and clones


Improved Buffer over the HK factory standard buffer & was designed for heavy semi or full auto use.

Reduces recoil felt by shooter.

Aids in faster follow up shots.

Reduces the wear and tear on internal parts and prolongs weapons longevity.

US Made Heavy Buffer has been touted as being even more effective than the HK factory German G3 heavy buffer, because of the fourth break spring and enhanced design features.

This is the highest quality buffer we have used encountered. HKParts highly endorses this upgrade to your HK rifle if you want an even sweeter shooting experience.

Shooters Tip:

To really reduce recoil & improve quicker follow up shots HKParts recommends:

  • Heavy Buffer
  • PWS Compensator
  • Heavy Rubber Buttpad
  • All three of these items are found listed below

For an even better shooting experience, this combination above will give you the best and most effective set available for your HK Rifle. Happy & safe shooting from HKPARTS!

Please note: Because the heavy buffer is larger in diameter (.90 inches in diameter) & longer than a standard G3/91 buffer. It is likely that your particular stock application will require fitting in order to use the heavy buffer in your A2 or other fixed stock (PRS, Etc). Neither these nor any of the standard buffers fit in the A3 style (retractable) stocks. The rear screw is optional as well and is not required or needed. Only the front hardware at the 6 & 12 o'clock positions are required for install.

SKU: HKP-01067
Brand: USA
In Stock
Price: $199.95
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HK Fixed Stock Heavy Rubber Buttpad - USA

HK Fixed Stock Heavy Rubber Buttpad - USA

Price $49.95

Out of Stock

Product Reviews

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Rate this product:

"Heavy recoil buffer"

Joe on 8/6/2015 12:51:43 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Just recived my buffer yesterday and just installed it today took me about 10 mins to install all you need is a drill and 7/8 drill bit this buffer is 22.7mm so 7/8 drill bit is around 22.3mm just test fired only 100 rounds and loving the recoil now.

"Cut the recoil and enjoy shooting with this"

Christopher on 7/7/2014 1:30:25 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: I installed this on a PTR-91F. It took a little work by hand with a needle file to fit into the stock. No biggy really. This buffer easily cuts recoil by a third, and makes it feel less blunt when a shot is fired. It's pricey but well made and it is a very effective upgrade. If I owned a second rifle I would buy another one of these for it. It works that good. Have fun and shoot straight.

"heavy buffer"

Jason Davis on 3/20/2014 10:44:30 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: This buffer is amazing! Nearly cut recoil in half. worth every penny.

"ptr91 recoil buffer"

Leland Duffield on 2/3/2014 8:31:20 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: This buffer is A+. Best one I've see out of three other ones. Shipping, Company, and Buffer all A+++

"best upgrade for my ptr91"

MVP on 4/7/2013 11:02:17 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: My PTR91 A3 is so controllable with this buffer, 2 to 4 rapid shots on the target. I got the heavy rubber buttpad and PWS FSC91 Compensator and its shoots like a champ. The installation was quick, I used a dremmel tool to make the hole bigger on the back plate and my A2 stock. took like 7 minutes to do, i recommend this buffer to anyone who wants a softer recoil than a sharp blow to your shoulders. Thank you HK parts!!

"PTR91 GI Heavy buffer"

Justin Triebel on 1/9/2013 11:39:33 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Bottom Line if you want a G3 to recoil like a 556 AR this is the way to go, however this is not a simple bolt in install. I'm by no means a professional smith, but came up with way to install the buffer that was very secure. First remove stock, (mine was the slim green plastic HK), Remove the plastic but pad, clamp pad in BOLTED down Vise. Don't plan on reusing it because you'll destroy it trying to remove it. Once removed use 12" screw driver to remove stock buffer tube screw. Now remove the tw... More details

"A Beautiful Thing"

John Amburgey on 12/11/2012 9:29:34 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: I ordered this and the heavy butt pad for my JLD 91. The recoil was like my mosin nagant. After a little grinding it all came together. What a change. The recoil was now maybe 1/2 of what it was. At 25 yds 8 out of 10 shots quick fire in the black on a M4 zeroing target. Awesome! Makes a great rifle Rise to the top!

"hk heavy buffer"

m brault on 8/3/2012 8:29:25 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: I had some technical questions with buffer installation in my PTR91. HKParts responded immediately with tech advice. The HK heavy recoil buffer works fantastic, recoil absorption is amazing. I highly endorse this product.


Amir Rana on 5/17/2012 4:44:44 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Buffer worked great for my PTR-91. Really noticed a difference.

"gotta have it, too"

Stephen S. on 2/14/2012 7:50:05 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Calms down the recoil remarkably! Combine this with the PWS compensator, and a better butt pad...and you've got one smooth rifle. Get on target faster after some "double taps", you'll see what I mean.

"Best buffer I have found and I have tried them all"

John T. on 9/30/2011 4:41:53 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: I had some health issues that affected my ability to shoot rifles that have heavy recoil. I tried the other buffer options that others offered and this buffer is by far the best there is if you want to tame recoil. I can now shoot a solid range session without the issues I had before. As an added bonus the PWS compensator for the barrel also helped a ton with the recoil. My rifle now has less than 1/2 the recoil it had at one time. Good on you hkparts for offering the items we HK shooters need a... More details

"Definite gotta have!!!"

William Doody on 7/25/2011 4:03:07 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: I couldn't wait to get to the range after getting this. Combined with the heavy butt pad, the difference was remarkable. I was double tapping nickel sized groups at 100 yards........well, maybe not that good. I was however, shooting at 50 yd indoor range and double tapping within the black of a 12" target with my Eotech. It was actually quite fun, and not much recoil felt through around 100 rounds. A Must have.

"Heavy recoil buffer us made for HK 91"

jay valencia on 7/24/2011 10:17:14 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Works like a champ!! Its a must have for these type of rifles. Needs a small modification to the rear stock and backplate using a dremel tool to fit properly. Recoil Feels like shooting an Ak-47 I love it.

"PTR-91 Rifle must have"

eowwarrior on 6/15/2011 10:09:52 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: This buffer significantly reduces felt recoil. On the PTR-91 USA made A2 Butt stock, her is what you need to do ... 1) widen the metal end-cap about 1/16" larger. 2) widen the hole in the molded butt-stock slight in the top 1/3 of hole about for about 1" of depth. A dremmel with coarse grit sanding drum took only about ten minutes for both mods.

"Worth every penny"

Patrick Jennings on 4/1/2011 11:47:55 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Great buy. Used it on my prt-91f Makes recoil much more controllable and makes the stock buffer look like a wimpy 5 dollar piece of crap single stage buffer (which it is) compared to this 2 stage huge buffer. Installation wasn't too bad. We used a large reamer on a drill and grinded off the metal around the inside of the metal backplate until the buffer fit through snug. When using a ream make sure to move it around in a circle to evenly shave off the metal. After the backplate is finished you n... More details

"Night and day difference!"

Rick Gargurevich on 3/14/2011 10:58:16 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Well worth the investment. I tried one of the urethane bumper-type buffers which was worse than the stock buffer. Adam recommended this one and there is a HUGE difference. Now there's a "gentle shove" instead of a sharp blow to my shoulder which makes follow-up shots way faster. I no longer have to put an ice pack on my shoulder after shooting! I had to enlarge the hole in the steel backing plate with a Dremel tool and remove the old buffer sleeve inside my stock to make it fit by carefully dril... More details

"heavy buffer review"

David williams on 10/27/2009 12:56:16 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: this buffer greatly reduces recoil. with the primary weapons muzzle brake i was able to let my 8yr old shot off the bipod,even with a weak shoulder mount he loved it. fitting was simple. Remove the inserted metal piece in the butstock and open up the outer plate a little with a drummel tool. very easy. "no-brainer"