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30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI

SKU: HKP-00955
Korean 30 Round MP5, MP5K Magazine

Each 9mm MP5/94 magazine features the following:

  • 30 round capacity 9mm caliber marked (9mm x 19)
  • Curved for more reliable feeding with steel chrome follower
  • All steel construction
  • Enhanced smooth finish (no gritty finishes)
  • Made in S. Korea. Great for plinking & range sessions
  • Affordable as they are the cheapest MP5 magazine available

Fits the following HK MP5 Style Firearms:
  • HK MP5, 94, MP5 SD
  • HK MP5K, SP89, SP5K
  • Zenith, POF & Omega
  • In Spec 94, MP5 & MP5K, SP89 Style Clones
Condition: New
Origin: Korea
Caliber: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: 30
Price: $34.99
In Stock
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30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI
30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI
30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI
30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI
30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI
30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI
30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI
30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI
30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI
30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI
30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI
30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI
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MP5 & MP5K 9mm Magazine Clamp HK - German

MP5 & MP5K 9mm Magazine Clamp HK - German

Price $99.95

Out of Stock

MP5 & MP5K Magazine Block - 10 Round

MP5 & MP5K Magazine Block - 10 Round

Price $9.95

Out of Stock

Product Reviews

Write your own review


El Guapo on 9/24/2016 8:40:44 AM

Overall Product Rating:

Bought 4 for my Zenith MKE ZPRS, all run flawlessly with zero feeding or inserting issues- great mags!

"Runs Like HK"

Matt on 3/4/2015 2:17:53 AM

Overall Product Rating:

While the quality is not on par with HK, it runs just the same. 300 rounds through all of mine with no feed problems. Good mags.

"Korean MP5 mags"

Kent on 3/9/2013 8:49:48 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Perfect function, durable, and cheap. Best of all worlds….Moreover, HKParts shipped securely and quickly. Perfect.


jeffery king on 7/24/2011 12:29:58 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Great mp-5 mags. I`ll buy more. Its better to have em and not need em than to need em and not have em.

"Good value for the $$"

Chris Brown on 10/18/2011 7:29:53 PM

Overall Product Rating:

Ordered on a Friday have them in hand today so the shipping was quick. The fit was pretty good even better after I oiled the mags a little. Function was fine with only one malfunction out of the 400+ rounds I put down range. I will be getting some more as the older generation mags did not work this well. They seemed to have improved the mag quite a bit. For the price it is hard to go wrong.

"Korean MP5 Mag"

James Curtis on 3/12/2012 1:38:55 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Initial use showed tight fitting and somewhat difficult to lock into place. Repeated seating and unseating of mags worked most of the rough fits out. Still having difficulty with one mag and suspect it needs a few light love taps to true the dimensions up. Some loading and feed issues due to the finish inside the mags but have every reason to believe loading and unloading the mags a few times will help smooth that out. Once the prep work is finished, I believe they will be worth the money.

"Another good product"

Tom McCoy on 7/20/2011 6:48:59 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

The quality of these magazines is good and the fit is good as well. I'm going to replace the magazine lock/release parts with some HK. My magazines don't always lock in place without a little more effort.

"Great buy"

Steven Young on 3/19/2012 9:23:29 PM

Overall Product Rating:

I ordered one of these mags after i read all the reviews and i have to say...they live up to the hype put a few hundred rounds through the first one and i haven't had any problems. Im ordering a few more right now. the finish is very rough and dull but its a way better fit in my CA94 then the mag that came with it.

"Fast Shipping"

Gregory Branger on 1/29/2014 3:37:04 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Came in sooner than I expected and was exactly as ordered!!! Thanks HKPARTS.NET!!!!

"Korean Mags"

aleksey tkachenko on 4/30/2012 2:02:19 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

I bought two Korean mags and both of them worked great in my SW5. The mags finish was not the greatest. I took some 1500gr sandpaper and smooth out the finish on the mags. Now they feel and look like my original HK mags. I will buy more.