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34mm Scope Ring Set (Pair)- US Combat Rated

34mm Scope Ring Set (Pair)- US Combat Rated
34mm Scope Ring Set (Pair)- US Combat Rated
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These rings are specifically designed to be used on any high end sniper, target or hunting scopes with 34mm tubes.. Super Heavy Duty Steel construction for GREATER STABILITY! Height / Rise: Single Sniper Heavy Duty Ring is available in a 1.100" / (28mm) rise. This means that from the top of the rail / flat top / scope mount surface to the center of the 34mm diameter ring is 1.100" / (28mm). MFI hasthese rings on many oftheirtest weapons.Just a super quality ring at a very reasonable price. MFI has been working with Premier Reticles for the past year or so to develop a single ring that will meet a number of criteria. Basically the more we manufacture for different applications the more cost effective they become. The basic premise was to make a ring that fit the following criteria:
1.Width of the ring should be such that the thickness is adequate to be used for both front and back positions on most scopes, thus eliminating the need for a wider ring in front.
2.Height of the ring should be the bare minimum that can be used with the Premier Reticles 3-15 power Tactical scope with a 50mm objective lense on a flat rail WITHOUT the lense cover attached and still clear the rail near the objective lenses. As you can see from our photos below where we use a PTR-91 and a 14" long MFI HK Low Profile Scope Mount, that the front of the objective lense just clears the rail. The outer most ring of the scope (used to provide a lip for the lens cap) fits down into the channel of the picatinny rail.
3.Height of the ring should be allow minimum clearance for a M14 / M1A when using a ARMS M14 mount in conjunction with the PR 3-15 X 50mm Tactical scope WITH the lenses cover attached and still clear the hand guard near the objective lense.
4.Height of the ring should be allow acceptable alignment to be used in conjunction with standard PVS-22, PVS-24 and PVS 27 Night Vision scopes. So on a FLAT RAIL the scope height for the 34mm should be within 40% of that of the standard height of the mount for the night vision scope. Ours allows nearly 68% meaning little or no loss in resolution from being off center.
5.Height of the ring should be allow acceptable clearance, yet still being as low profile as possible to be used in conjunction with the SAKO TRG, Remington 700 or M24 Sniper Variants with standard scope mounts and using the either a Premier Reticles 3-15 X 50mm OBJ Tactical Scope or Premier Reticles 5-25 X 56mm OBJ Tactical Scope WITH the lenses cover attached and still clear the hand guard and or barrel.
6.Rings include an insert to reduce the ring diameter to 30mm in order to sell these into a double market.
7.Rings come with both Wrench Nut and Wing Nut / Tool-less style attachment points.
8.Rings made in the USA.
■100% Made In the USA.
■100% 1913 Mil. Spec. Picatinny.
■All Steel Construction High Pressure Casting then Precision Machined from 4140.
■Designed to withstand the recoil of a 50 caliber BMG round.
■Designed to mount on Standard Dovetail (Weaver) or Picatinny 1913 Style Rails.
■Held securely by 4 socket head cap screws using a standard allen / hex key (NOT Torques or Phillips) for removal.
■34mm Diameter but, also come with 30mm inserts (aluminum) for 30mm diameter optics.
■Overall Length / Thickness: @ 0.850 inch / 21.50 mm.
■Cross Over Lock Down Bolts are hardened Weapons Grade Steel.
■Super Knurled Wing Nut attachment for Fast & Easy ON and OFF.
■BOTH Wing Nuts and Standard Aim Point Style Locking Nuts are supplied at no added cost.
■Military Matt Black Finish (Black Oxide Coated Mil-C-13924 Standard).
■Medium Height Profile. (1.100 inch / 28mm rise) [ Top of your rail / mount to center of 34mm hole. ] or 0.435" / 11mm [ Top of your rail / mount to bottom of the 340mm hole. ]
■Top of ring has slots cut for lighter weight.
■Weight @ 6.0 oz. (per ring with wing nut.)
Brand: MFI
In Stock
MSRP: $100.00
Price: $67.95
You Save: $32.05 (32%)
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"34mm Scope Ring Set"

Eugene Fisher on 7/12/2012 8:31:18 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Used these along with the used HK German Claw Mount and a Leupold VXR 3-9x40mm. Awsome rings and look in new condition. Can't wait to get to the range.