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9mm SEF Semi Trigger Pack - Match

SKU: HKP-17658

HK MP5, MP5K 9mm SEF Semi Trigger Pack - Match

We have one of the best HK gunsmiths in the country that is able to take hand picked German HK F/A trigger packs and modify them to semi-auto. This is done with the best and most precise machinery and jigs available. That is used specifically for converting the trigger boxes to semi-auto. These are also converted to the BATFE specs so you can rest assured the trigger pack is done correctly and to spec.

Our Semi auto trigger pack comes complete with a new factory new 9mm 3rd Generation GERMAN (NOT U.S., Pakistani or MKE) ejectors. Each used trigger pack is selected by hand and inspected to be in 100% perfect operating order before shipment. Price and compare this is the best value for GERMAN HK products anywhere!

Custom Match Trigger Work:

Each trigger pack has been customized by the famed & renowned HK trigger smith, Bill Springfield. Trigger slack take up is eliminated and over travel is reduced. Pull weight averages 5-6 lbs, trigger creep is greatly reduced to a very short, smooth, crisp hammer release. This is the best deal you can get for this trigger enhancement. It will make your shooting MUCH more enjoyable than using a stock HK roller lock 12 1b. trigger. Going from a 12 lb to 5-6 lb trigger makes a HUGE improvement. This trigger pack can be adapted for all calibers with a swap of the ejector lever and hammer spring (if needed).

A true drop in trigger pack. Simply pull your existing trigger pack out and drop the match trigger pack in. You can use the same selector lever. NOT for use with ambidextrous trigger groups. Only SEF and 0,1 non ambi style trigger packs.

Fits the following:

  • MP5, 94 9mm
  • MP5K, SP89 9mm
  • Custom 9mm builds or clones
  • Will NOT fit factory Zenith/Turkish/MKE polymer grip frames

Trigger Pack has the following factory parts ONLY found here at HK Parts:

  • New German HK 3rd Generation (latest version) Ejector lever
  • New German 9mm factory correct hammer spring (not .308)
  • Match Sear Spring installed with proper spacer
  • Polished and tuned to function 100%
  • Hand picked German HK trigger pack parts for the best HK Parts available anywhere.

Please note: That the trigger take up and pull weight is MUCH lighter than a factory stock trigger pull. For some shooters that are not used to the new enhanced trigger pull and feel. It would be wise to exercise extreme caution and trigger control until the shooter gets used to the new "feel" of the Match trigger that this 4.5 lb upgrade offers. Bump firing can result as an unintended consequence of improper trigger control with the match trigger upgrade.

Please note: The actual pull weight will vary depending on each trigger pack chosen. The primary concern is safety first. Each trigger pack will vary +/- a .lb or two

Origin: German / USA
Price: $219.95
In Stock
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9mm SEF Semi Trigger Pack - Match
9mm SEF Semi Trigger Pack - Match
9mm SEF Semi Trigger Pack - Match
9mm SEF Semi Trigger Pack - Match
9mm SEF Semi Trigger Pack - Match
9mm SEF Semi Trigger Pack - Match
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"Match SEF Trigger Pack"

Nick on 6/25/2018 8:21:33 PM

Order Fulfillment:

Zenith Z5-RS

Product Quality:

Overall Product Rating:

I ordered this to replace the stock trigger for my Zenith Z5-RS and go into a new HK SEF trigger housing. The Zenith trigger wasn't that heavy, probably 8 pounds, and this is a little bit lighter, closer to 6 pounds with less take-up. Overall it works well and I've run about 200 rounds through it without a problem so far. I like that it includes a 3rd generation german ejector