P7M8 - Parts Diagram

Key Item SKU
A P7 M8 Complete N/A
B P7 M8 Pistol N/A
C Receiver Complete N/A
D Slide Complete N/A
E Brush Complete HKP70041
F Cleaning Tool HKP70105
G Firing Pin Assembly HKP70102
H Piston Complete HKP70066
I Magazine Complete p7m8mag
I Magazine Complete N/A
1 Slide N/A
2 Front Sight (Height 6.4mm) N/A
2.1 Front Sight (Height 6.6mm) HKP70075
2.2 Front Sight (Height 6.8mm) N/A
2.3 Front Sight (Height 7.0mm) HKP70077
2.4 Front Sight (Height 7.2mm) N/A
2.5 Front Sight (Height 7.4mm) HKP70079
2.6 Front Sight (Height 7.6mm) HKP70080
3 Drop Safety Catch HKP70104
4 Drop Safety Catch Spring HKP70099
5 Extractor HKP70088
6 Extractor Plunger N/A
7 Extractor Spring HKP70022
8 Rear Sight N/A
9 Rear Sight Screw HKP70089
10 Firing Pin Collar HKP70017
11 Firing Pin Collar Pin HKP70029
12 Firing Pin Return Spring HKP70024
13 Firing Pin Spring HKP70023
14 Firing Pin HKP70103
15 Firing Pin Bushing HKP70087
16 Piston Roll Pin HKP70112
17 Piston Plunger N/A
17 Piston Plunger HKP7DETENTPISTON
18 Piston Plunger Spring HKP70021
19 Plunger Retaining Roll Pin N/A
19 Plunger Retaining Roll Pin HKP-16435
20 Piston HKM8PISTON
20 Piston N/A
21 Trigger Spring HKP70012
22 Trigger HKP70097
23 Trigger Pin HKP70013
24 Transmission Lever N/A
24 Transmission Lever N/A
25 Disconnector HKP70001
26 Slide Stop HKP70060
27 Sear Lever HKP70101
28 Sear Spring HKP70084
29 Rocker Spring HKP70061
30 Rocker Spring Axle HKP70018
31 Front Sight / Slide Retainer Pin HKNGHK1361
32 Slide Removal Button HKP70002
33 Slide Retaining Spring HKP70008
34 Grip Screw HKP70111
35 Recoil Spring HKP70007
36 Receiver with Barrel N/A
37 Trigger Heat Shield HKP70050
38 Cocking Lever N/A
38 Cocking Lever HKP228324
39 Drag Lever HKP70059
40 Cocking Lever Axle HKP70049
41 Rocker HKP70005
42 Magazine Catch Axle HKP70051
43 Roll Pin HKP70108
43 Roll Pin N/A
44 Stop HKP70038
45 Cocking Latch HKP70004
46 Cocking Latch Spring HKP70009
47 Cocking Lever Spring N/A
48 Grip - Shell Left HKP70071
49 Grip - Shell Right HKP70072
50 Magazine Catch HKP70114
51 Magazine Catch Spring HKP70058
52 Magazine Housing HKP70116
53 Follower HKP70027
54 Follower Spring N/A
55 Magazine Locking Plate HKP70006
56 Magazine Floor Plate HKP70026

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