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FIRECLEAN Advanced Firearm Lube - 2 oz. Bottle

SKU: HKP-16454
FIREClean Advanced Gun Oil 2- fl oz.
In use by Heckler & Koch armorers nation wide and the best gun oil, lubricant HKPARTS has used to date.

Originally developed for suppressed AR-15,M4's & HK MP5's

  • Conditions metal to prevent buildup of carbon fouling
  • Simple, easy application process
  • Carbon fouling just wipes off
  • Cleans deeply and safely into gun metals
  • Reduces friction with persistent and incredible lubricity
  • Dramatically reduces cleaning time and effort
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • NTOA Recommended

  • FIREClean is a patent pending extreme performance gun oil that provides unmatched reliability and durability for your firearms. While odorless, biodegradable, and safe, FIREClean destroys carbon contamination and helps prevent future fouling. FIREClean is the choice of the best and most demanding shooters in the World- pro shooters, military special operations, and tactical law enforcement teams. They demand the best (possible performance), and FIREClean delivers. (See for yourself what a huge difference a little bottle can make in your shooting.)
    FIREClean is simply the finest firearm lubricant available. It is designed for use in firearms - and built to address the problems inherent in shooting. Not re-purposed from other industrial applications. FIREClean sticks to metal, resists "flinging" or blowing off of your gun. FIREClean is also extremely heat resistant, unlike conventional or synthetic oils.

    FIREClean cleans deeply - deeper than conventional brushing with noxious, hazardous solvents. The oil cleans "embedded" carbon fouling that is impossible to remove via brushing alone. By successfully fusing "cleaning" and "lubricating" functions for the first time, guns run longer and more reliably than ever. Cleaning is no longer a lengthy, painful, and hazardous chore.

    Repels Carbon
    FIREClean conditions metal - to resist carbon and other fouling buildup as well as providing durable lubricity. Firearms treated with FIREClean "blow out" fouling, rather than "trapping" fouling as other products do. In most cases, fouling can be simply "wiped off" with a rag or paper towel. Wire brushes with smelly solvents, dental picks to "pick off" carbon, etc. are a thing of the past.
    • Made in the U.S.A
    • Odorless
    • Non-Toxic
    Condition: New
    Origin: USA
    Type: Tools
    Sub-Type: Lube
    Price: $14.20
    In Stock
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    FIRECLEAN Advanced Firearm Lube - 2 oz. Bottle
    FIRECLEAN Advanced Firearm Lube - 2 oz. Bottle
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    Product Reviews

    Write your own review

    "shortens cleaning time"

    scott love on 12/6/2014 6:55:02 PM

    Overall Product Rating:

    1st clean up after applying. one pen head spot on back of AR bolt after wiping with a cloth. applied a drop and scratched off with the back of a wooden swab. works as advertised. if you shoot an AR its a must have. I ordered more.

    "Love it"

    Justin Roberts on 2/28/2018 5:46:04 PMVerified

    Order Fulfillment:

    Desired Compatibility:

    VP9SK, VP9, SP5K

    Product Quality:

    Overall Product Rating:

    Works excellently in getting that very last bit of fouling out of those annoying places (every gun has some) and keeps all my HK pistols humming through their weekly abuse.

    "I only get the best."

    Briam McMullan on 3/1/2015 12:50:34 PM

    Overall Product Rating:

    I have been using Hoppe's number 9 for years, along with Remington three in one oil. When Fire Clean came out I was skeptical, but my friends recommended it and I gave it a go. Let me tell you, it tops all the rest. It does't burn up like the rest because of use. It does what an oil is designed to do,clean, seal, and lubricate.

    "HK OD Green T-Shirt"

    Mike J. on 1/6/2014 6:37:45 AMVerified

    Overall Product Rating:

    It is a t-shirt….and it didn't shrink a bunch when washed so I am happy with it. ;)