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Fake Suppressor Threaded - 1/2 X 28

SKU: HKP-02035
Brand: MFI

MFI Fake Suppressor for HK USP 9mm Tactical Threaded Barrels 1/2 X 28

Fits any rifle or pistol barrel that is threaded 1/2 X 28

Fake Silencers are also known as: Dummy Can, Faux Suppressor, Mock Silencer, Barrel Shroud & Non Functional Sound Suppressor. Overall length 7"

The MFI Fake Suppressor for HK pistols are designed for real weapons. They will also fit replica & airsoft weapons with appropriate adapters. These do not suppress sound in any way and are 100% legal for the regular civilian to own in all 50 US States.

    MFI Fake Suppressor means:
  • No $200.00 Tax Stamp
  • No special licence needed
  • No FBI background check needed
  • No wait 3-6 months for BATF transfer or approval

The MFI fake suppressors are made specifically to take the punishment from live fire! Unlike lesser quality mock silencers made for the HK pistols the MFI version allows the weapon to cycle without jamming!

Installation Instructions

In order to install the MFI fake suppressor you must have a threaded barrel.

The lettering / markings are indexable to the correct position!

As you may not realize all threaded barrels and silencers have different starting and ending points on the threads. Thus you could have 5 identical weapons all made at the same time and the same silencer or flash suppressor will NOT end up at the same point on each weapon.
This is why you get a peel washer with your AR15 flash suppressor (peels off 10 /1000th of an inch) so you can correctly index your suppressor to the individual weapon.
So what we are saying is... No matter how many weapons you have... You will always be able to get the lettering / U.S. GOV. markings in the exact location that you want them.
This is because there is a set screw is hidden in the bottom of the end cap that allows the outer body to rotate 360 degrees around the inner barrel.
First tighten the set screw and then thread the fake silencer on your weapon.
Then loosen the set screw and continue the rotation as if to tighten / go on direction... Position the Laser Markings to the correct location & re-tighten the set screw.
You can screw on & off the MFI Silencer and NEVER have to reset the letters / set screw.
Obviously this set up is for an individual / specific weapon so if you move the fake silencer to a different weapon you will most likely have to re-index the outer body again.

Condition: New
Origin: USA
Color: Black
Sub-Type: Fake Suppressor
Price: $124.95
In Stock
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Fake Suppressor Threaded - 1/2 X 28
Fake Suppressor Threaded - 1/2 X 28
Fake Suppressor Threaded - 1/2 X 28
Fake Suppressor Threaded - 1/2 X 28
Fake Suppressor Threaded - 1/2 X 28
Fake Suppressor Threaded - 1/2 X 28
Fake Suppressor Threaded - 1/2 X 28
Fake Suppressor Threaded - 1/2 X 28
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