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Flat Bending Jig Set For All HK Style Flats

Flat Bending Jig Set For All HK Style Flats
Flat Bending Jig Set For All HK Style Flats
Flat Bending Jig Set For All HK Style Flats
Flat Bending Jig Set For All HK Style Flats
Flat Bending Jig Set For All HK Style Flats
Flat Bending Jig Set For All HK Style Flats
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US made universal flat bending jig for all HK receiver flats including our new PTR .308 flats and the LSC flats. Each bending jig comes complete with all the pieces you need for 9mm, 223 & .308 HK style flat builds. Each jig set is Made 100% in the USA. All steel construction (22lbs) and built to last a lifetime. Comes with drawings and a step by step instruction guide as well as a list of tools needs for the use with the jig. The newest design adds the capability for correct dowel spacing to fold all MP5, MP5K, MP5 40/10, 93,33,53, PTR91, ORF, G3, G3K style flats.This is the finest production based HK flat bending tool, jig available.

This is the flat bending jig featured in the Small Arms Review Magazine. The original, often imitated but never duplicated, gold standard that all other jig sets are judged by. With this jig set you will not need any other special "mandrels" to square up the flat (unless you have the ORF flats with the rounded edges) then you will need the rail flattening jig set found below. All of the flats that HK Parts offers does NOT require any additional jigs but this bending jig to be folded properly.

Whether you are bending one jig or thousands of flats this is THE jig set real manufactures use in their production.

Please note: Based on the proprietary design & engineering of the jig set it is not returnable. Also please note that these are HEAVY items and cannot be shipped Fedex overnight. We do ship them USPS Priority mail.
Origin: USA
Price: $269.95
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Flat With Weldment Set HK 91, G3, PTR, CETME

Flat With Weldment Set HK 91, G3, PTR, CETME

Price $129.95 $

Out of Stock

Product Reviews

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"Flat Bending Jig Set for all HK Style Flats"

rs builder on 8/16/2016 5:29:17 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Fast shipping!!! Great jig. Worked on my G3, HK33, and MP5s. Follow the instructions and you won't have any major issues. Flats aren't cheap so get it right the first time. Thanks HK Parts!!!

"Great Investment"

Rodney D. on 4/17/2014 6:58:26 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Jig Set is very high quality and is likely to last a very long time. Process is easy to understand if you take your time to fully understand it.

"Bending Jig"

Dave Smith on 1/21/2014 5:30:06 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Fixture was very easy to use it comes with very crude instructions but anyone taking on this project probably has enough mechanical ability that they could do it without them all together.

"Excellent service"

Chris Pistoresi on 10/25/2013 8:16:51 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: The staff at HK Parts has always been very fiendly, helpful and informative. Thank you Tim for your help. I will continue to use this site for all of my parts needs.

"Great jig"

Lawrence Bell on 7/10/2013 9:00:13 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: It's a big bonus to have this handy tool in your corner. the drawings are well like a kindergartner did them and they should cut the relief in at the manufacturer but its not hard to do but all in all I'm on my build now and it works very well plus fast shipping great service.

"Bending Jig"

Tim Copeland on 3/3/2013 11:42:46 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Ordered this jig and it came within a week.Every part was safely wrapped with care, and packed with care.. I put it right to work bending up three flats. This jig is by far the best investment I have made in awhile! Thanks!!!

"Worth Every Penny"

M. K. on 1/30/2013 3:42:11 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: This is by far the easiest, most accurate bending jig I have used. Instructions are hand-drawn but very easy to understand with a learning curve measured in minutes. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to start from a blank. FYI you will need a MANUAL shop press to use this jig.

"Great fixture"

LeDoyle Pingel on 1/6/2013 8:49:51 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Works great. Remember to grease it to make release much easier. I drilled a hole in my G3 flats to fit a pin at front as there was none. Measure carefully for it and the result is a good receiver.

"Great Jig"

Daylon Smith on 11/3/2012 10:22:27 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: This jig worked perfectly. Some say the directions are vague, but I had no problems with them.

"HK Bending Jig"

John G on 10/22/2012 6:20:26 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Worked like a charm!!! First time using the jig, it went as according to plan. If its your first bend, take it slow and you can see the flat bend into place. I didnt realize that this jig can be used to bend all the hk flats and it comes with the extra parts to do that. It will be a tool that I will keep and use for the rest of my life. Greatness!!!

"H&K Flat Bending Jig"

Joseph Bridges on 11/28/2011 7:14:16 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: The jig is well constructed but the instructions could be a little more clear with regards to the drawings.

"Met my expectations"

David D on 11/2/2011 6:40:57 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: As usual, anything that I have purchased from Adam has been high quality. The jig doesnt look like much but it helped me make my first flat bend with no problems. I have been doing my own gunsmithing for 20 plus years and decided to take the plunge and build my first 91 clone. Aside from some minor fitting and some parts mods, my build has been progressing very well. Like the other review, I gave it a 4 due to the instructions being a little tough to decipher. I plan to do two or three more buil... More details

"Does the job with difficult flats"

Eric H on 10/21/2011 9:55:29 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: HK G3 flats are much more difficult to bend correctly compared to AK flats. The HK Parts jig provides the necessary tools to bend G3/CETME flats to fit the front trunnion and the stock. Use the HK Parts flats (with bending tabs) for best results. Flats without tabs are a pita. Only reason for a 4 (instead of a 5) is the lack of meaningful instructions. Getting it right is more trial and error the first time. My second bend was perfect.