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HK G3, 91, PTR Wood Stock & Forearm Set - Surplus

SKU: HKP-16457

HK German G3, 91, PTR Wood Stock Complete & Forearm Set- Fair/Good

Complete rear stock and forearm set for HK91, G3, PTR. These original walnut German military surplus stock sets were in use with the German military from 1959-1964 and come used in good shape over all. With a little TLC this stock set will clean up nicely. The original HK German wood stocks sets are now drying up and we are down to our last units available. Once they are gone there will be no more. Last call as we have the last batches of wood sets available here in the US.

Each Stock Set Will Fit:
  • HK 91, G3, PTR Rifles (full size rifles)
  • Custom HK G3 clones and custom builds
  • The forearm can be cut down and custom built for other application with the proper skill set
Each German Military Stock Wood Stock Set Includes The Following:
  • Complete German Walnut Stock Assembly Complete
  • Back plate with buffer installed
  • Central walnut section with all associated hardware
  • Complete standard buffer assembly
  • Walnut forearm complete for full length HK G3, 91 & PTR91 firearms

Please note: That the stock set shown is for visual understanding ONLY. The actual condition of the stock sets are in FAIR/GOOD shape overall. These are used surplus German stock sets.
Condition: Surplus
Origin: German
Sorry, currently out of stock
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HK G3, 91, PTR Wood Stock & Forearm Set - Surplus
HK G3, 91, PTR Wood Stock & Forearm Set - Surplus
HK G3, 91, PTR Wood Stock & Forearm Set - Surplus
HK G3, 91, PTR Wood Stock & Forearm Set - Surplus
HK G3, 91, PTR Wood Stock & Forearm Set - Surplus
HK G3, 91, PTR Wood Stock & Forearm Set - Surplus
HK G3, 91, PTR Wood Stock & Forearm Set - Surplus
HK G3, 91, PTR Wood Stock & Forearm Set - Surplus
HK G3, 91, PTR Wood Stock & Forearm Set - Surplus
HK G3, 91, PTR Wood Stock & Forearm Set - Surplus
HK G3, 91, PTR Wood Stock & Forearm Set - Surplus
HK G3, 91, PTR Wood Stock & Forearm Set - Surplus
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Product Reviews

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"These stocks are a steal, do not hesitate!"

Tim on 3/19/2015 7:03:03 PM

Overall Product Rating:

I put this stock set on a PTR-91. As nice as the poly PTR-91 stocks are (and they are nice indeed), these just change the whole character of the rifle. Perfect drop-in fit on my PTR-91. Walnut is walnut. There is no substitute. Warmer, classier, distinctive. But still tough. Used military, but not beat. Tons of character, but zero dings or chips. Old school oil finish. I wish I could get European walnut surplus stocks at this price, in this condition, for all my other rifles. Based on what I rec... More details

"Old Woodie??"

christopher lussier on 2/7/2014 5:02:37 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

I am an old school collector, and sometimes like to dress 'em up occasionally. Makes it look like I have more guns than I really do. Wood was excellent oil finish with no dings or dents or stains. Steel components were original greenish parkerizing from the fifties and entirely rust free. All parts fit tightly without the usual loose fit from wood age drying and shrinkage. I just slapped on the frog lube, and I know it will be around for another 100 years, if the feds don't steal it first. Excel... More details

"Very Pleased"

Chris Anderson on 2/4/2014 11:16:21 PM

Overall Product Rating:

First of all, I was happy with how fast I got the set. Two days. I was prepared for something less than desirable, but found that the set I got was in reasonably good condition considering it could have been 40 years old or more(the hollow under the butt plate had a musty smell of very old wood and a cobweb or two). I spent the better part of Super Bowl weekend sanding out the minor dings and blemishes and steamed out a couple of larger dings. I then applied two coats each of Varathane American ... More details

"Wood Stock Set - Cut in stock"

Anthony R. on 12/31/2014 10:57:10 AM

Overall Product Rating:

Like another reviewer here I received a nice stock set that was marred at first by a deep scratch that extended down the stock. After some light sanding and multiple coats of Formby's the stock cleaned up very well and the scratch was not very noticeable. Aside from the scratch everything was fine and the fitting was perfect for my ptr 91, 18" barrel.

"Great Product "

Marc Jones on 2/16/2016 10:08:22 AM

Overall Product Rating:

Great product. I stripped, stained, and refinished mine and they look awesome. I should have purchased another set of these when they were in stock. Wonder if they will come back?

"Cuts in stock"

Daniel Hirst on 1/30/2014 7:42:00 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

The item was just as advertised except it looked as if it had been stored within plastic prior to shipment and the plastic was cut off, with a razor knife, prior to shipping. This action left two dep razor cuts along the length and width of the stock section. I have been trying to sand them out but they are quite deep and have not been successful yet

"HK 91 wood stock set"

Stephen Pitts on 6/1/2014 12:54:11 PM

Overall Product Rating:

The items arrived two days after I placed the order. The stock and hand guard are in very good condition and are a perfect fit. Very pleased. Has more character than a plain plastic stock

"Great and easy beautification"

Patrick on 11/15/2015 5:41:41 AM

Overall Product Rating:

I hesitated for quite a while due to the fact that you are basically paying $70 bucks for the forearm, but they just aren't out there..... I have a c308 and already swapped out to the OD furniture- kind of cool to switch the looks as it only takes a minute! Anyway I was initially disappointed as the pieces looked pretty rough. However, after cleaning off the grime with WD 40 they already looked a whole lot better. Couple coats of linseed oil and they look almost new with just a few small charact... More details

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