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HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit

SKU: HKP-15706

HK, Walther, Umarex MP5 .22 Sling Clip Bracket. Each unit will fit all models of the MP5 .22 that have the 3 mounting holes on the left side of the magwell. This item installs in a few mins and comes complete with all you need for the install. With the addition of this sling clip kit the holes on the magwell will be completed with the factory correct 3rd mounting point for the 3 point sling.

This item will come complete the look and feel of your MP5 .22 and is a must have.Each HK sling hook, comes complete with all the mounting hardware required for an easy drop in install (less than 5 mins). A must have part to complete the look of the MP5 to represent the look of the MP5's 9mm big brother.

Fits all Walther, HK, Umarex MP5 .22 models:
  • MP5-A5 .22 LR
  • MP5-SD .22 LR
  • Will fit the GSG5 models with fitting to the sling clip and or the magwell.

This is an HK Parts exclusive found only at: WWW.HKPARTS.NET

Origin: German / USA
Price: $24.95
In Stock
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HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
HK MP5 .22 - Sling Clip Kit
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Product Reviews

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"HK MP 5 .22 Sling Clip Kit for Umarex"

David C. Robertson on 8/23/2013 11:33:42 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

From day one, I've enjoyed plinking with my Umarex/Walther MP 5 .22. However, unlinke my HK MP 5-N SBR, the .22 version lacked the middle sling mount on the side of the magwell. Not only did it not "look" right, but you couldn't properly use/secure the HK web sling. This product solves that! Great kit, comes not only with the Clip, screws & nuts, but also a thread locker too... bonus! Install was less than 5 minutes and with no disassebly of the rifle. Though not secured with rivets like my MP 5... More details

"Complete the look"

Andre on 12/1/2017 6:14:29 PM

Overall Product Rating:

Super cool and easy to install. If you really want to be tacticool, you need this on your 22LR MP5. Furthers the look of a legit MP5 that most of us can't afford or can't own because of the stupid state we line in.

"HK / Walther Mag Well Sling Clip"

Dane Anderson on 8/28/2013 1:01:22 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Perfect fit to cover those unsightly holes in the magazine well; completes the gun. Why Walther/Umarex never included this sling clip with every gun still puzzles me. BTW, this only fits the Carl Walther/Umarex HK MP5s, not the GSG-5 rifles, as the holes are slightly 'off' between each brand...

"HK .22 MP5 Sling Clip Kit"

Steve Hood on 8/20/2013 8:32:02 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Nice quality part, fits perfect. Nice touch adding the loctite with the kit.


jerry collazo on 9/25/2013 7:53:09 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

My first time ordering, this company is the greatest, all H&k parts, really fast shipping, prices are unbelievable, super professional. I will be a client forever. This sling clip kit fit perfect is a must for your H&K MP5 .22LR.

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