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HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models

SKU: HKP-02401

HK Rear Sight For GSG-5 Models - Great Upgrade For GSG522 Models

A great upgrade for the cheap sight that comes standard on each GSG5. This item will fit all GSG-5 models including the PK and P models. This item is an all steel HK made parts designed for combat and the toughest of environments. This will be the last rear sight you will ever need. Each HK factory sight comes as shown and is made from hardened steel so it is made to last a lifetime. Includes The detent & spring needed to drop on your GSG-5 pistol or rifle. Fits all GSG5 models and a great upgrade over the lesser quality sight that comes stock on the standard GSG-5 models.

Install instructions: Simply remove the old GSG sight and replace with the new rear sight making sure the provided ball and detent are installed in the bottom cavity hole (detent first then the spring). Place the new rear sight on in place of the replaced rear sight and use the factory hardware to secure the rear sight to the firearm. Install should take no more than a couple of mins.

Origin: German
Price: $17.97
In Stock
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HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models
HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models
HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models
HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models
HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models
HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models
HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models
HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models
HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models
HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models
HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models
HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models
HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models
HK Rear Sight For All GSG-5 Models
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Product Reviews

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"Rear sight"

richard davis on 5/31/2013 9:08:27 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Very simple to add to the gsg 522 perfect fit like it was made for the gun great job keep it up its another must add to any gsg 522

"HK rear sight upgrade"

david ramos on 4/20/2013 7:58:17 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

The HK rear sight upgrade made a definite improvement not only in accuracy but in overall appearance to my GSG, couldn't go wrong thanks HK Parts.

"GSG 522 rear sight"

Chuck Margosian on 3/13/2013 12:16:21 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Excellent replacement for the 522 rear sight.Used a piece of double sided foam tape to fill the small gap under the GSG for cosmetic reasons, after I bore sighted it,and ground a couple coils off the detent spring to make it easier to turn.

"great rear sight"

Bryan Castle on 5/25/2012 10:00:49 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

I ordered this rear sight you replace the factory 522 sight on my son's rifle. Glad I did. Sight works and fits perfectly.

"Quick service"

GreenSide Gunsmithing on 9/23/2013 7:05:40 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Great service and right parts. Very Helpful.

"MP5 Rear drum sight"

Manuel Ramirez on 2/21/2012 3:40:33 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Great addition to my GSG 522.

"GSG-5 Rear Sight"

Clay West on 11/16/2012 8:08:31 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

I recently purchased a German Sports Gun 522. I was disappointed with its sights. Due to the patent infringement, the rear sight was a notch. I replaced it with this rear sight (easily), and the factory kit with grip, charging handle and most importantly the front sight, Now it looks and shoots like an MP5 (except in 22lr),

"Real deal"

Tim N @ Ann Arbor, MI on 6/18/2013 7:44:10 PM

Overall Product Rating:

I have GSG5 1st anniversary and this sight went in flawlessly in 5 minutes total. Elevation and windage adjustments actually work unlike the original.

"Great sight, needs oval washer"

Doug Kennedy on 5/20/2013 8:39:40 AM

Overall Product Rating:

This is a G3 type sight, with an open notch labelled 1, and three peep sights labelled 2,3, and 4. I filed my GSG-522 receiver to get rid of the slight gap, and had plenty of up/down & left/right adjustment to zero the "2" peep at 25 yds. I strongly suggest ordering the oval washer as well. You need it and it's only about $3.

"Great added upgrade for my GSG 522SD"

Russell Walker on 1/25/2013 8:36:10 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

completly satisfied with the purchase made. It was want I expected from HK Parts and didn't disappoint me. The shipping was awesome, no need to wait for up to 2 weeks with HK's shipping. Good Job