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HK Reduced Power Hammer Spring - 10 lb.

SKU: HKP-18132

HK Pistol Competition Hammer Spring - 10 lb.

An exciting new offering as a joint collaboration from the widely renowned pistol smith Lazy Wolf Guns & HK Parts! This custom spring was designed exclusively by master trigger smith Rick Holm at LWG where his custom spring line is used in all of his high grade custom Heckler & Koch action jobs for more than 4 years. Appropriate for use in competition pistols for maximum trigger pull weight reduction. This spring will yield a significant overall weight reduction. When used in conjunction with the light firing pin block spring and the light trigger return spring through the rest of the pistol will drop the single action break weight to approximately 3.5-4 lbs (SA & LEM), and 8-8.5 lbs on the double action. Works in both LEM models and standard Non-LEM models alike.

Fits ALL of the following SA/DA & LEM variants & models below:

  • HK P30, P30S, P30L
  • HK45, HK45 Tactical
  • ALL USP Full Size Models
  • All USP Compact Models
  • All USP Tactical, Elite, Expert Models
  • HK P2000

Please note: depending on fitment & tolerances of each pistol, this spring may cause intermittent light strikes when using some HARD PRIMERED AMMUNITION. Test & evaluate with your preferred ammo. If you experience this issue: use only soft primered factory ammo, purchase soft primers for reloading match ammo, or jump up to the optional Intermediate 11 lb. spring weight. Actual trigger pull weights will vary depending on any number of unique pistol variables.

Will not fit the P2000SK, P30SK, HK45C, HK45C Tactical, Mark 23 or VP series of pistols. See these sections for other hammer spring offerings.
Condition: New
Origin: USA
Sub-Type: Spring
Price: $9.95
In Stock
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HK Reduced Power Hammer Spring - 10 lb.
HK Reduced Power Hammer Spring - 10 lb.
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Product Reviews

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"Great Upgrade"

William Gardner on 2/4/2019 6:18:19 PMVerified

Desired Compatibility:


Product Quality:

Overall Product Rating:

This is now the first change I make to all my P30's (up to 5? now). It makes the DA trigger pull manageable but still significant enough to prevent an ND. SA pull is nice and light, but still enough to warn you before the weapon discharges.