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HK Rifle Extractor Spring For All HK's - German

SKU: HKP-00188
HK German 308, 7.62 & 556, .223 Rifle Extractor Spring

New factory HK German part. The extractor spring is the #1 most common repair & replacement item on HK firearms. This extractor spring is also a great way to upgrade your HK or custom build or other clone to have a cleaner, stronger extraction as well as prolonged extractor spring life. Many HK gunsmiths recommend using this extractor spring on all HK 90 Series HK's. This is also a great upgrade for those that want to upgrade the MP5/94 copper extractor spring to this stiffer silver extractor spring (longer life & stronger extraction).

Fits all of the following:
  • HK91, G3 & PTR .308 & 7.62 firearms
  • HK93, 33, 53 556 & .223 firearms
  • HK21, HK11 (non E spec) firearms
  • Custom HK 90 series builds & clones
  • Will fit MP5, MP5K style firearms

We have the best price on these anywhere with a generous quantity discount so be sure and stock up while these precious spare parts are still available!

Origin: German
Price: $6.74
In Stock
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HK Rifle Extractor Spring For All HK's - German
HK Rifle Extractor Spring For All HK's - German
HK Rifle Extractor Spring For All HK's - German
HK Rifle Extractor Spring For All HK's - German
HK Rifle Extractor Spring For All HK's - German
HK Rifle Extractor Spring For All HK's - German
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1st unit $6.74
5 or more units. $1.00 $5.74
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Product Reviews

Write your own review

"Works Great"

Tim D on 8/27/2012 7:16:06 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Fixed my extracting issue in my 93. I am going to get more for spares. Thanks Hkparts.

"Much better than those cheap POF springs"

William Jones on 1/15/2010 3:48:18 PM

Overall Product Rating:

I too have had nothing but longevity issues with the POF springs and used springs from another popular HK vendor but they simply did not last and were giving me a major headache. I decided to get an all German HK spring and now my HK91 has yet to need a new spring for quite some time. I am convinced by the products here and the old saying you get what you pay for! buy with confidence and you will be happy you did.

"Too stiff for HK94"

Alex on 3/2/2010 7:22:53 PM

Overall Product Rating:

Unfortunately this spring did not work in my MP5 clone. It fit in the bolt head, but was so stiff it didn't leave any play in the extractor to chamber a round. It would hang up every single time. I don't know why many HK gunsmiths are recommending something that doesn't even work. I'm going to stick to original parts to my firearm. Fortunately I have an HK91 also and will have a spare spring for it. This is still a 5 start product when used in the right firearm.

"Extractor spring"

Mike P on 2/3/2013 9:21:30 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Great product bought it for my spare parts kit along with some other items very happy.

"HK Extractor spring"

DDHM on 12/3/2012 10:50:12 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Was labeled "5.56" and I had to go and make sure it would work on the .308 bolt, and in fact they are the same part! brand new looks great!

"HK Extractor Spring"

Kamal Sheikh on 11/10/2012 10:08:45 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

This is a must have spare part for anyone with HK 93,53,33,91,G3 and G3K firearm.

"Exactly what I needed."

Jake Snider on 2/12/2013 12:55:21 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Thanks from a fellow HKPRO member. You're the goto guy these days.

"Extractor sprimg"

Leopoldo Guzman on 7/21/2012 9:04:26 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Night and day difference with the new spring. The extractor had too much play and would not feed correctly. Installed new spring and the problem is gone. Thanks hk parts

"Great service"

Lane Rustad on 10/30/2012 11:08:28 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

The new extractor and extractor spring finally got my C93 rifle working like it was supposed to. Fast service, great parts.

"A strong upgrade idea"

brian schar on 7/28/2018 4:21:42 PMVerified

Order Fulfillment:

Desired Compatibility:

American MP5 Clone

Product Quality:

Overall Product Rating:

I fired 800 rounds in 3 days with my brass 9mm extractor spring then one of the legs broke in half. I installed the heavier .308 spring and ran it for another 2,600 rounds! I only replaced it because I removed it in order to install a German extractor claw. I have no doubt that this spring will continue a with a strong service life.