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HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser

HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
HK USP, & USPC - Red Laser
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1st unit $29.95
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6 or more units. $2.00 $27.95
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USP Full Size & USP Compact Custom Laser

Finally a laser designed to fit the HK USP & USP Compact Family of firearms without a bulky and expensive adapter. This affordable offering is now available to all HK USP, USP owners. This patent pending offering is a rugged, water resistant, compact laser tactical sighting device. That is instinctively activated easily by a finger activated switch that is positive and easy to initiate. Other features include a battery compartment easily accessible on the underside side of the Laser. This facilitates changing the battery without having to remove the unit from the gun.

Designed to be mounted directly to your HK USP & USPC NO ADAPTER NEEDED!

Made of 100% Aircraft Grade 6061 T6 Aluminum
Sleek compact low profile design.
Easy to reach Side to Side ON/OFF switch
Fully adjustable for Windage and Elevation.
Red Laser Wavelength: 635-655 nm, Class IIIa Laser
Maximum output power: < 5mW
Uses 2 each AG13 or LR44 1.5V button cell batteries (Included)
Includes mounting & adjustment tools
Length: 2.85"
Width: 1.14
Height: 1.14
Weight: 2.4 oz.

This laser is a direct for the HK USP & USPC models and does NOT require any adapters. It is the only laser device on the market that is currently a drop on part without modifications or bulky adapters.

Extensively tested and guaranteed to hold zero.

6 units were tested in 3 calibers 9mm 40S&W and .45acp on 2 sets of factory HK USP models all units were subjected to temperature extremes 0-110 F and a total of 1500 rounds per gun were fired also 3 units were subjected to a misting spray to simulate a rain type of situation. At the end of the testing all the units were functioning and held relative zero.

Exceeds MIL-STANDARD specifications for Recoil, high and low temperature operation

Lifetime Warranty Offered By The Manufacturer.

Fits all HK USP & USPC Family of firearms:
  • HK USP 45, 40 & 9mm Full Size
  • HK USP Tactical 45, 40, 9mm
  • HK USP Compact 45, 40, 9mm
  • HK Elite, Expert Other custom HK USP models.

In Stock
Price: $29.95
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Product Reviews

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"HK USP Compact Laser"

Pilot on 10/24/2016 8:12:50 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Great laser, great price. Installed in about 2 minutes as advertised. As noted by others the only downside is that it sticks out in front of the end of the barrel by about 1/2 inch. Fits on the rails perfectly, but is made for the full size USP. Would be better if it was made for the Compact as it would also fit the full size just fine.

"Awesome laser!"

Joe M on 2/24/2014 8:10:20 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Got this out last weekend, works GREAT and the price is incredible. You can buy 3 of these for the cost my dealer was going to charge for just the rail adapter. Thanks HKParts!

"Best Usp Laser Made !!!"

Dave Miles on 2/24/2014 3:50:06 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: I have looked and looked for a good usp laser for 5 years and until now I have not found one that worked well. This laser held zero perfect and fits my usp 9mm like a glove I wish they had this years ago it would have saved me hundreds of dollars trying the rest of the lasers that did not work. I am still in awe that the price is so low yet it worked so well.

"Laser for USP compact"

John Running Wolf on 2/17/2014 12:12:30 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: I purchased this laser for my H&K USP compact 40 cal off duty weapon. It works great. It requires no additional rail. I found it relatively simple to zero it in at the range. You can't beat the price for a laser made for the H&K and not have to purchase the additional rail adapter also! The only thing I personally don't care for with it is that it sticks out a bit further than my weapon does. Which I guess makes sense as it fits both the full size and the compact. I am sure it would fit the full... More details

"USP red laser"

zoltan szabo on 2/15/2014 6:33:18 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Its the best, looks, fits, works on full size usp 9mm H&K. I am very happy with this product!!! I highly recommend it.

"not to bad"

momo on 2/11/2014 5:43:52 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: eh, I have hk uspc 9mm and it sticks past the front like a half inch. It works good. Although the on/off switch is kinda voluptuous.

"HK USP Red Laser"

W. McNeil on 2/11/2014 8:55:40 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: The laser sight was exactly as described and also an exact fit which installed easily without any additional tools or modifications.

"Red Laser for Hk USP, USPC"

Gary Gilkey on 2/7/2014 11:12:39 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: For $30, you can't beat this pistol laser. Though made in China, quality is top-knotch. All metal. I generally loath Chinese electronics, but this laser is extremely bright and focused. Put it on an HK USP45 Tactical. Perfect fit. I have not shot the gun with it yet. Wish the green laser was an option.

"First order was great"

Clifford Evert on 2/4/2014 5:03:42 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Great company and service. Great products.

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