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Hogue Handgun Universal Grip For HK

SKU: HKP-02519
Brand: Hogue

Hogue Handgun Grips for HK Pistols.

The grip hugs the contours of your gun. Features proportioned finger grooves, cobblestone texture, non-slip surface and ambidextrous palm swells. Installs with no lubrication. This is a great ad on grip that allows the shooter to customize the grip of your HK, Glock and many other pistols.

The grip has been known to fit the Following:

  • USP
  • USPC
  • P2000
  • HK45
  • HK45C
  • Many other custom applications.

May require some fitting on certain applications.

Condition: New
Origin: USA
Sub-Type: Grip Panel
Price: $9.95
In Stock
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Hogue Handgun Universal Grip For HK
Hogue Handgun Universal Grip For HK
Hogue Handgun Universal Grip For HK
Hogue Handgun Universal Grip For HK
Hogue Handgun Universal Grip For HK
Hogue Handgun Universal Grip For HK
Hogue Handgun Universal Grip For HK
Hogue Handgun Universal Grip For HK
Hogue Handgun Universal Grip For HK
Hogue Handgun Universal Grip For HK
Hogue Handgun Universal Grip For HK
Hogue Handgun Universal Grip For HK
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Product Reviews

Write your own review


MARCOS ESQUIVEL on 8/12/2013 10:26:36 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

I am very happy with my purchase, the products were shipped very quickly. The grip feels excellent on my new HK usp 45.

"Hogue Universal Grip for HK"

James Schwader on 4/27/2013 6:12:12 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

I bought it for my HK .45 UMP. A little tough going on (use windex) but once on - it looks and more importantly feels great. I thought it was going to add too much bulk to an already stout grip, but it didn't. For the price you can't beat it.

"It a Hogue.It works Great."

Dylan Martin on 7/17/2012 10:36:28 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Put it on my USP tactical .45. Completes the pistol.

"Great Company"

Keith Howard on 3/9/2013 3:22:10 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Great work on this order, outstanding customer service.

"Feels Good"

BB on 1/15/2013 8:46:17 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

USP .45. The grip feels great. Takes some work to get on, but that means it takes some work for it to come off right? My fingers fit nice and snug within the grooves. Now I can go from watching zombie movies and eating buttery popcorn with my shooting hand, right to firing my baby without the worry of it slipping out of my hand.

"Hogue HandAll Universal grip for HK"

Howard Ito on 9/28/2012 11:51:42 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

I did not want to stipple the HK45c handgrip at this time to help with grip. I have used Hogue handgrips before. Grip went on smoothly, used a lite coating of glass cleaner to help slip it on. Gives me extra grip. Also easily removable, if you need to.

"Great fit for my HK45c"

Joseph Ray on 12/30/2012 5:18:40 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

If you need a little more grip for your HK45c this one works. Its tough to put on but it stays put.

"excellant service /excellant product"

John Kerins on 4/7/2012 10:29:16 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Shipping was fast and product was grade A. HK was instrumental in tracking down my part and ensuring delivery when my local post office lost my order.HK had done their part but remained active in the process until I the customer received the product.I was able to speak to someone live who was very concerned and contacted my local post office to help resolve the matter. Service like this is rare these days and they have earned my business for life!

"H&k grip"

robert ashton on 5/13/2012 6:41:22 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Exact fit to firearm. Excellent grip does make a difference.

"Nice little grip"

Ryan Nelson on 5/27/2013 10:24:42 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

To start off, I have big hands and I put this on a USP9. The thing I like about this is that it gives a little extra thickness on the skinny usp frame. You need to cut a little material off of this grip as it was designed for the Glock. I also found that it has a tendency to slip at times