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MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete

SKU: HKP-02604
MP5K, MP5K-N Style Pistol Build Kit Complete - ON SALE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

The finest USA & German made parts for a complete parts kit for an MP5K, MP5K-N pistol build

Each kits includes the following HK Parts:
  • Barrel - 5.5" button rifled, 3-lugged & threaded 1/2 X 28 with thread protector fully finished in the ultra-desirable "nitride" process for long life & unparalleled accuracy - USA 922R
  • Front sight tower - All Steel billeted low profile sight tower with no snag edges - USA
  • Fully stamped latest generation MP5K receiver with all factory correct weldments -USA 922R
  • 13 slot weld on steel rail for optic, red dot mounting - USA
  • Cocking tube end cap complete - USA
  • Sling loop - New factory sling loop - HK German
  • Forearm - Wide forearm made from high impact polymer - USA 922R
  • Small push pins - HK German
  • Cocking tube - Latest style - USA
  • Cocking tube support assembly - All steel machined from a solid billet - USA
  • Cocking handle - Latest German HK style with newer design and pattern - USA 922R
  • Roll pins & assembly hardware- Factory HK correct assembly hardware for all attachments
  • Trunion - Ordnance grade steel hardened to factory specs - USA 922R
  • Magazine - 30 round MP5, MP5K
  • Magazine release assembly - Complete latest HK German style and anti-rattle magazine release assembly (POF, MKE other do NOT have this newer style version) - German/USA
  • Recoil assembly - The finest SS micro polished recoil assembly available that is user serviceable (if you need to replace a recoil spring down the road) Germany, MKE, POF etc DO NOT offer this flexibility or option. This is simply the finest HK recoil assembly ever made or available. - USA
  • Bolt head - TRUE MP5 F Styled bolt head. The first and ONLY true F spec bolt head with ALL of the latest German HK upgrades. - USA 922R
  • Bolt carrier - True latest and greatest MP5K F style tungsten filled F/A spec bolt carrier. Setup and ready to go for registered sear packs or post sample host guns. - USA 922R
  • Locking piece - 100 Degree true factory correct locking piece - USA
  • Firing pin - Stainless steel firing pin for the utmost in corrosion resistance & durability - USA
  • Firing pin spring- Stainless steel for the utmost in corrosion resistance & durability- USA
  • SEF German Trigger group professionally converted to semi-auto & clipped & pinned by most reputable names in the roller lock HK business German Each trigger group includes a brand new factory German 3rd Gen ejector lever ONLY offered in our builds! This is the finest latest German HK updated ejector lever coupled with a factory correct German 9mm hammer spring
  • Original German HK SEF housing, hand picked, converted to MP5K specs, clipped and pinned to factory specs
  • True HK German rear sight with factory correct MP5K-PDW spec rear sight drum - German/USA
  • Buffered pistol end cap with replaceable "H" buffer - USA
  • Large push pin for stock or pistol end cap - German HK
California Residents: Please note you will either need to purchase a block for the magazine or specify for a US 10 round magazine to be included. If nothing is noted, we will automatically send a US 10 round magazine.
Price: $1,499.95$2,300.0035% OFF
In Stock
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MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete
MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete
MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete
MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete
MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete
MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete
MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete
MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete
MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete
MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete
MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete
MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete
MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete
MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete
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Ryan Larremore on 12/13/2018 5:03:28 PMVerified

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I wanted to retract a review I posted a while back. This pistol is great, with the jig it bent perfectly. Did not know you had to cut out the front portion of the flat. Finished the pistol and looks and operates great. Thanks.