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USPC & P2000 9mm Magazine Flat Floor Plate

SKU: HKP-01122

HK USP Compact (USPC) Magazine Flat Floor Plate

USPC 9mm 13 Round Flat Floor Plate For The 9mm UPSC & P2000 Magazine. This is a Heckler and Koch genuine part. Perfect for concealed carry or for a lower profile

Please note: that these may or may not be marked with the HK logo depending on what HK sends us in our orders.

  • HK USP Compact 9mm 13 Round Magazine
  • HK P2000 9mm 13 Round Magazine
  • Please note that this item when used on the .40 magazine will have a gap between the floorplate and the bottom of the mag well present but will work 100%.

Condition: New
Origin: German
Sub-Type: Floor Plate
Price: $8.95
In Stock
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USPC & P2000 9mm Magazine Flat Floor Plate
USPC & P2000 9mm Magazine Flat Floor Plate
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Product Reviews

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Happy Customer on 5/10/2013 11:38:41 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

5 stars all the way. I ordered an in stock item and it must have shipped same day. I received it just a couple of days later. The flat floorplate for the H&K usp magazine improves the concealability of it and I think also improves the look of the weapon as well. Very happy.

"USP Flat Floor Plate"

Peter Perri on 7/29/2011 7:06:00 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Best part bought for the compact 9 makes the grip more comfortable than the extended finger holder & better for concealed carry.

"Like Hen's Teeth!"

courtney on 4/9/2012 7:35:13 PM

Overall Product Rating:

These are really nice for concealment. If you're using "Notify Me" and you get the call, don't hesitate or they'll be gone again!

"Made for concealment"

Danny Alconcel on 2/3/2013 6:13:30 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

These work great if you need to better conceal your weapon. Low profile. I prefer flat magazine base pads for all my handguns. AAA+++ !

"Too much wiggle room = future problems."

Jim L on 8/27/2011 9:47:31 AM

Overall Product Rating:

The description says the base is 100% functional - but it's not. The proper, .40 base rides up along the sides of the magazine and places it exactly within the grip frame. This one, made of the 9mm, leaves unattended wiggle room on the sides of the mag, never actually touching the grip frame. It's reasonable to foresee stress to the mag latch and/or other possible problems. Although hard to find, I would recommend passing on this floor plate and only using the larger, proper .40 part in the USP ... More details

"USP Compact Flat Magazine Plate"

Eric Taylor on 10/23/2012 5:13:12 PM

Overall Product Rating:

This is what I was looking for. Perfect to reduce the size of your USPc or P2000 concealed carry print. Ideal for concealed carry. It reduces almost a quarter inch off the length of the grip of the pistol(compared to the stock extended magazine base plate).

"Works great"

James G Earney on 8/5/2011 5:16:50 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

Fits on easy, got them pretty fast.

"Good for CC"

Steven on 10/20/2012 10:16:15 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

I bought this specifically for concealed carry. I don't prefer it over the regular floor plate as I have gorilla hands, but it prints less. I've always got a mag with this floor plate to throw in my gun when I'm out and about. I'd recommend it, but I also recommend having another mag or two with the regular floor plates as well for range time.

"Conceal Carry"

Lance Eaker on 1/23/2014 5:29:37 PMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

If you bought your HK USP Compact with the intention to conceal carry, you were likely disappointed as it is difficult to conceal. The concealment problem comes from the grip extender attached to the magazine. This makes the gun very comfortable for those with large hands such as myself, but creates a noticeable bulge when trying to conceal. This floor plate is a super easy swap out part for the extender. Once in place, the USPC is much easier to conceal. This is a cheaper option than replacing ... More details

"P2000 Flat Base Plate"

Christopher Porto on 9/3/2012 1:52:54 AMVerified

Overall Product Rating:

A must for CC, easy to install. Shipped fast and for a reasonable fee.