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Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK

SKU: HKP-17222
HK VP9, VP40, VP9SK Ultra Match Trigger, Sear Spring Kit

Ultra Match drop-in spring kit will give your VP9, VP40 an even smoother, crisper, and lighter pull that helps promote consistent match-grade accuracy, and control, by dropping the trigger pull of your VP9, VP40 by an average of 2+ pounds. Each two part precision calibrated spring set will deliver consistent force through the entire compression/release cycle to give you a light, refined trigger without sacrificing the reliability of your pistolís passive safety systems. The high strength match-grade springs were carefully made to ensure that you get consistent energy output every time you pull the trigger. You can also be assured that this spring set up will not degrade the ignition systems reliability. The VP9/VP40 is already among the top tier striker fired pistol, and this spring set will offer even more to set the HK VP9, HK VP40 apart from the rest of the pack.

Each spring set includes:
  • Ultra Match Trigger Return Spring
  • Ultra Match Sear/Catch Spring

Fits All:
  • HK VP9, VP9 Tactical
  • HK VP40, VP40 Tactical
  • HK VP9SK, VP9SK Tactical

Both springs are direct replacement, drop in springs. Our trigger return spring tool is a critical tool and a must have when installing any trigger return spring in your HK firearm. Please note that you can use just the sear spring only if you wish. No need to use the trigger return spring if you do not want to use the trigger return spring component of the set. The "short" leg of the trigger return spring will rest on the backside of the VP9 trigger when installed properly.

*** ***

Origin: USA
Sub-Type: Spring
Price: $19.95
In Stock
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Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
Ultra Match Spring Set - VP9, VP40, VP9SK
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Product Reviews

Write your own review

"VP9 spring kit"

Jim Treadaway on 4/12/2017 4:52:28 PM

Overall Product Rating:

I installed my kit Monday evening. It took me while to get it back together but it all works great. Will be installing the second kit in my sons VP9 as soon as it arrives. Great action after the install.

"If you are a shooter then you would appreciate this spring kit"

Jim Monty on 4/18/2015 6:20:38 PM

Overall Product Rating:

I consistently got an average of 3 lbs 12oz pull on the VP9 with the HK Parts ultra match spring kit. With the stock HK springs installed I averaged 6 lbs 3oz on the pull weight. Each pull was measured with my equipment and dozens of pulls to make sure of the numbers. This drop in kit made a huge difference for the money invested for a 2+ lb drop in trigger pull weight. A must have. I am an experienced smith with tons of know how on what makes race guns tick. The VP9 is now my favorite near stoc... More details

"VP9 is Perfect"

Geoff Mock on 5/13/2015 11:10:36 PM

Overall Product Rating:

Installation of these springs is fairly straightforward but can be tricky at times. The recommended TRS tool is very handy but not required. the resulting trigger pull (along with some polishing and cleanup) is fantastic! One thing I did not like however was the weight of the trigger return as it was to light. To reset the trigger I almost had to let go of the trigger altogether. After changing the trigger return spring to the factory spring it was perfect! Take-up is super light, break is smoot... More details

"VP9 trigger pull"

Joseph Gotkiewicz on 9/1/2015 2:04:53 PM

Overall Product Rating:

I am not a gun smith but after watching the video a few times. I decided to do it. wow what a difference. Had trigger checked out at gun smoke. 3.11 - 3.12 lbs to trigger pull. Feels smooth and shoots like a dream. Groupings better and on target more.

"Nice set of springs"

efelton on 11/23/2015 1:23:11 PM

Overall Product Rating:

After viewing the video a few times I decided this was a project I would try myself (and not bring everything down to my local gunsmith). Things went smoothly until I started reassembly. While removing the Right-Side Slide Release Lever I managed to unseat the Dismounting Safety and the Elbow Spring for Dismounting Safety from the Locking Block. This required me to remove the Locking Block (see websites below for instructions) to reassemble the Locking Block. Other than this unexpected side jour... More details

"Highly recommended!!"

SSH on 3/24/2016 2:25:32 PM

Overall Product Rating:

I love everything about the VP9 except the trigger pull. Swapping out the trigger and sear springs is a no brainer (especially at this price) and made a huge difference. I put 1,400 rounds through my VP9 before the swap and have put 400 rounds through it since. The difference is night and day. The install video was very helpful and easy to follow. The proper size punches are a must.

"Excellent for competition/match"

Joshua M on 4/20/2015 10:57:28 PM

Overall Product Rating:

Excellent for range use and competition. I would not recommend if you carry this gun for self defense but for the range this is the closest you will get to a "1911 trigger". Its smooth, light, yet positive and safe. I highly recommend the TRS tool. makes installation a breeze. had it to me in only two days. Will be buying this spring set again.

"A must have for your VP pistol"

Robert on 8/11/2017 6:01:30 PM

Overall Product Rating:

Installed this along with the Titanium firing pin and am very pleased. Was worried about being too light for my carry gun but am very happy I installed this combination. Would trust this gun with my life any day.

"Shipped quick, install easier than I though, huge improvement"

Kyle Y. on 4/21/2015 11:07:33 AM

Overall Product Rating:

Ordered on Saturday received on Monday. I took my time to install the springs to make sure I did it right. Just as promised they were a breeze to install and "dropped in" the reduction in trigger pull and smoothness is huge. I am old 1911 guy and this is how a trigger should feel. I now plan on buying another VP9 because of this trigger upgrade. Be sure and get the trigger return tool as this made all the difference with the install. HKparts made a homerun with this ultra match trigger kit. I ca... More details

"Good trigger"

John D on 3/13/2018 8:02:36 PM

Order Fulfillment:

Desired Compatibility:


Product Quality:

Overall Product Rating:

I used the VP9 Ultra Spring Kit. Easy install and what a nice trigger. Well worth the money.