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Umarex HK MP5 SD - 22LR

Umarex HK MP5 SD - 22LR
Umarex HK MP5 SD - 22LR
Umarex HK MP5 SD - 22LR
Umarex HK MP5 SD - 22LR
Umarex HK MP5 SD - 22LR
Umarex HK MP5 SD - 22LR
Umarex HK MP5 SD - 22LR
Umarex HK MP5 SD - 22LR
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This is the first official Heckler & Koch MP5-SD chambered in .22 LR. Authentic in looks, feel, and operation, this replica MP5-SD is engineered as a dedicated .22 rimfire rifle. It's built in Germany with a match grade precision barrel, metal receiver, MP5 standard forearm, and retractable stock. It also has a NAVY pistol grip as well as HK-style sights and a MP5-SD fake suppressor to maintain authenticity. The compensator is attached so that the 16.1 inch barrel extends the full length of the gun and compensator.

The magazine is made of high-strength polymer and is designed with grips for the spring on both sides making it simple to load. A 25 and 10 round version of the magazine is available. Both are proportionate in size to the centerfire version's mag to maintain the authentic look of the 9mm MP5 magazine.

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Simple Transfer Requirements
Origin: German
Condition: New
Caliber: .22LR
Magazine Capacity: 25
Availability: Currently Out of Stock
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Product Reviews

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"HK MP5 SD Review"

Lee Daniels on 2/26/2013 9:09:03 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Great gun! I have put about three thousand rounds through mine with only a couple misfeeds, and they were ammo related. Easy to clean, and as accurate as my trusty Ruger 10-22. EVERYBODY wants to shoot "that gun" when we go to the range. This is a quality firearm!

"MP5 SD 22 lr"

Kenneth Cameron on 8/20/2012 10:14:08 AM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Bought this at a gun show this weekend based on price and reviews. Awesome little gun! D.O.A. More accurate than my buddies M&P 22. We were impressed with it's smooth performance. Tons of Fun!

"Umarex HK MP-5 22 LR"

R. W. Tallian on 7/25/2012 1:25:54 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: I've owned mine for several months and is the most reliable and accurate 22 rifles I have had in a long time. I typically shoot 500 rounds in a day and have never had a weapon related failure to feed or eject even when using Wally's bulk pack. It's a great rifle and fun to shoot.

"HK MP5 / SD .22"

Bruce Skehan on 6/6/2012 9:09:05 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Great toy. Have had it 7 Months and about three thousand rounds through it....just gets better. Also the scope mount and (ITAC scope) top knotch additions. Brewske

"MP5 .22LR With I-Tac scope"

Bruce Skehan on 12/30/2011 10:04:57 PM

Stars Rating:

Comments and Suggestions: Great combo, just went to range for the first time. 200 rounds and no FTF's. This is easy to shoot and mag's are always empty!

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Product Details
Caliber .22 L.R.
Capacity 10 or 25 rds
Mode of Fire Semi-Auto
Barrel Length 16.2 in (412 mm)
Barrel Twist 1 in 13-3/4 in
Rifling Grooves 6
Rifling Length 13.78 in (350 mm)
Front Sight Interchangeable Posts
Rear Sight Adjustable - Windage & Elevation
Overall Length 26.5-32.5 in (675-825 mm)
Overall Height w/Mag 10.6 in (270 mm)
Overall Width 2.2 in (55 mm)
Stock Style Adjustable Telestock
Trigger Type Single-stage
Trigger Pull 6.6-8.8 lbs
Safety Type Manual
Principal of Operation Blowback
Muzzle Thread M8x.75
Length of Pull 6.5 - 12.375 in
Sight Radius 13.2 in (335 mm)
Diameter Rear Sight Aperture .24 / .13 / 0.11 / 0.1 in
Front Sight Width .07 in (1.8 mm)
Weight w/out Mag 7.45 lbs (3400 g)
Weight of empty Mag-25 2.5 oz (70 g)

Metal Receiver
Fake MP5 SD Style Suppressor