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Product Reviews

For the product: Micro Comp- 9mm 1/2 X 28 - VP9, P30/P30L Tactical

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"Great price for an entry level micro comp."

Rene on 3/1/2017 9:14:36 PM

Overall Product Rating:

I purchased this micro comp, mainly as and experiment since it was design specifically for the VP9 and P30 series of pistols, although not exclusive to them. I'll describe the finish as a deep polished black, which doesn't necessarily match the finish of HK firearms but nonetheless the comp's appearance compliments the design of the VP9 and P30. The weight of the comp is also next to none which really impressed me when I initially held it. So I took it to the range to compare the comp with a another I had with me that is of similar size by switching the two after a 5 to 6 rounds. The HK Parts comp performed flawlessly. Zero malfunctions out of hundreds of round with both aluminum and brass casing, but the muzzle flip and recoil reduction was decent at best. It did not impress me to say the least because I know other comps of similar size can mitigate muzzle flip far more affectively such as the other micro comp I had with me at the range that day. This is mainly due to the fact that the comp only has three tiny ports on the top and two gaping ports on the side to reduce recoil but not much of the muzzle flip. I handed over the test to my brother who blindly compared the two. His conclusion was the same as mine. For the price, this is still a great entry level micro comp that is available in both 1/2x28 and 13.5x1 threads. Although not the best in class for muzzle flip mitigation, it still manages to reduce a lot of the recoil from 9mm.

"Surpass my expectations"

Tony Ngoun on 3/7/2017 1:05:37 AM

Overall Product Rating:

Very easy to install. I received it 2 days after I ordered it. I am not in LE or shoot competition, just a normal guy that loves his VP9. I purchased a threaded barrel on hkparts also. The first time I ran the micro comp I put it to the test. When ever I go shooting I put 1000 plus rounds in my VP9. I ran a little over 1000 rounds 124 gr the day I received it. I did not had any failures and this micro comp will decrease muzzle climb by a very noticeable margin compared to not having one. When you install it I recommend putting red loctite on the threaded barrel and blue on the screws for the micro comp. But you can do it however you want.

"Micro Comp is a beast for recoil reduction, faster shots!"

Steve Best on 2/11/2017 1:22:18 PM

Overall Product Rating:

I thought the HK Micro comp would be a novelty item more than anything on my VP9 and P30 models. The price was fair so I said what the heck and ordered 2 units, one for each pistol. The install was a breeze and intuitive that took seconds to install. I shoot 3 gun and compete regularly during the shooting season so weekly range time is a must . The micro comps came 2 days later (props to Hkparts shipping by the way). The comps look better in person and even better once installed on the pisols. The lines are clean and you can tell they were designed to flow with the lines of the VP9/P30. Nice clean CNC machining for sure. Each unit came with 2 spare set screws and the hex wrench. I grabbed some ammo and hit the range for some quick drills. The performance of the micro comp left me speechless as I could not believe that such a little drop in item could have so much of an impact and improve my shooting as much as it did. The comps literally take most of the recoil and muzzle climb away. Not one failure not one issue 240 rounds later and I was impressed. Nothing about the HK micro comp is short of functional. The 15 degree offsets of the ports are magical in performance. With less than .5" of added length this addition makes for a no brainer upgrade. The only advice I could offer is to add some loctite, rockset to the screw before installing it as mine was a little loose after the range session. Nothing a dab of thread locker before install could not have solved though. Great work HKparts now I need one for my HK45.